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What Happened After the Ink was Dry? “Deals of Distinction” Lessons Learned & Best Practices

Spotlight Plenary | Tuesday, October 16 – 10:30 am

Seasoned deal-making professionals recognize that the success of the deal is based on what happens “after the ink is dry”. In the execution, many situations, scenarios and issues surface that are not anticipated and need to be addressed. In some of the more complicated deals, terms and provisions provided for such development, while in other cases, deal terms need to be renegotiated or amended.

Workshop attendees will learn from “Deal of Distinction” honorees about innovative deal provisions that facilitated successful execution, developments that were not anticipated and how deal terms or alliance management provisions were amended or renegotiated to deliver the anticipated results.

The illustrious panel, moderated by Jim McCarthy (CorpDev Ventures) includes:

Philippe Lopes-Fernandes, Merck KGaA
David S. Thompson, Eli Lilly & Company
Michael Dombeck, Precision BioSciences
Eric Risser, Macrogenics
John DeYoung, Pfizer
Edgardo Baracchini, Xencor