Track 4: Advanced Telecommunications Licensing 4G, 5G& LTE for Automobiles – How to Create an Efficient Process?

Telephones are not new to vehicles and have been integrated into vehicles with systems like On-Star and similar systems for years.  What is different about 4G/CDMA/5G/LTE connectivity for vehicles and what is driving the need for additional licenses for SEP/IP?

What is currently in place for facilitate access to SEP in the smartphone space?  Is this sufficient for the automotive telecom marketplace and if not what is missing?

What other licensing models have been employed in the handset market and can they be employed for vehicles?  What is driving the need for a different licensing model for cars that was utilized for the smartphone market?

Jason Skinder
Matthias Schneider
Luke McLeroy
John Carney
Michael J. Lasinski