Track 1: What is Big Data and Why Does It Matter?

Oct 16 2018
3:00 pm-4:00 pm

The world has become excited about big data and advanced analytics because the potential for impact is big.  Although there are successful examples of companies such as Amazon and Google, where data analytics is a foundation of the enterprise, for most data-­‐analytics success has been limited to a few tests or to narrow slices of the business. Furthermore, there have been challenges and noticeable consequences when data collection and sharing and relationships built upon the same have not been fully vetted.  This session will introduce big data and the diversity of stakeholders including open source community, startups, university spinoffs, and operating companies.

  • How has the “innovation cycle” for big data evolved? What are the new paradigms for collaborative projects?
  • Reflections on the non-human resources: how cloud computing, and other developments in technology impact how we are doing business Systems that integrate hardware + software with various degrees of “human in the loop”: what are the implications?

Attendees will walk away a better understanding of the big data ecosystem and implications on business relationships and licensing.

Merav Yuravlivker
Brandy Freitas